Ashes to Ashes

USA, Michigan, Detroit.

A city, a weird city.

Constructed and found by many different races, you could say its a little miniature of the American Dream. Years ago, when people still had jobs, the dream was alive. But now, this ghost-like city, is more a like a grave. Dead quite. The only sounds you can hear, is from the noise the grave robbers make. Quick, sloppy, and quite dirty.

The higher class, holding most of the area’s wealth, and by now, many hectares of land recently bought at third world prices, is manipulating the City’s officials and the way Municipalities and Counties are governing.

The lower class, the ones who still left around, by choice or incapability to leave, have either resorted in accepting their dire fate or by giving in to their criminal sides. Others by need, others by pleasure.

This heavy and huge gap though takes its toll in the area.
Whole blocks of urban housing left abandoned, letting more criminal activity going under the radar. Whole areas of forests and parks and municipal buildings, are left non watched, only to become boltholes for war engaging gangs. Factories of long gone corporations are now producing mass murder substances, like heroin and meth. Docks and ports once competing with the mighty Canada, now stand still for pimps and their folks to park their rare wealth of the seas. Hospitals, the first ones in the whole country , whom facilitated and accommodate all patients, with or without medical insurance, are now temples of vanity and sex-changing sessions. Churches and people of the God, now entangle themselves in more politics than helping the weak and poor. Police, now acts like a gang members, and courts seems to support them being corrupted and misusing their authority.

This darkness has spread above and inside this city.
But this is not the only darkness, you can see.

Aside the human nature, which by sure is self-destructing, there is something more.
You see the Anishinabeg, nomads of these lands before the white-skins arrived, told us of the stories of the Shape-changers. The Gache.
The Gache ruled in mortal and spiritual world. They took human and wolf skin to aside within the Anishinabeg, to protect them from the forces of the Other world.
Still you can find groves and isolated areas bearing the markings of these people, who worshiped the ephemeral and the nature.

Many lunar circles have passed. Many times the eyes of the Moon witnessed the unholy gatherings humans and other creatures have created. This world, this land, this city is wounded. A gishar which needs a Bes-Urdum to be healed.

Blessed be the ones who guide us.

Ashes to Ashes